Welcome to EuroPac 3Dimensional

EuroPac3D offers an extensive range of 3D scanners, 3D printers and 3D scanning & printing services. We supply small-object scanners for items such as jewellery and dental products, portable measuring arms with attached laser-scanners for larger scale objects, hand-held scanners for capturing the human form, and many more devices to capture a variety of objects, people or environments.

Europac3D also offer a full inspection and probing service using non-contact laser scanning or contact-based probing arms.

Centrally based five minutes from the M6 in Crewe, Cheshire, UK, we enjoy an unparalled reputation throughout UK industry for providing a wide range of professional 3D scanning and 3D printing equipment and 3D services. To date, we have an install base of over 200 systems and our service also includes the training of staff in equipment hardware and software.

3D Scanners

For small items such as jewellery and dental products, the Rexcan DS2 and CS+ static scanners use white light and blue LED technology respectively and use a two-axis rotating base to capture all surfaces.

In contrast, the Artec range of hand-held 3D scanners, which include the Eva and the new Spider, capture data in a similar way to a video camera with powerful software that aligns the captured frame data in real time.

Laser scanners such as the Scanworks V5, when attached to portable measuring arms, are capable of highly accurate scanning of larger objects such as automotive, aerospace and power generation components. Europac3D also operate a Leica C10 laser scanner which is capable of scanning whole buildings and environments.

Portable CMM

Portable measuring arms offer class leading accuracy for tactile probing applications and combine with PowerInspect CAD measurement software to provide a robust and powerful solution for your portable CMM needs. The Romer Absolute 75 Series heralds a leap forward in portable CMM technology with the introduction of absolute encoders, allowing for the world’s first arm that does not require to be reset or homed before use. These new encoders and new Tesa kinematic probes combine to create Romer’s most accurate arm ever, ideal for quality control applications in the aerospace, automotive, heavy products, scientific research and tube manufacturing industries.

PowerInspect Lite is the entry level probing software solution that enables the user to probe simple geometry such as planes, circles, cylinders and cones and produce inspection reports with reference to 2D drawings. PowerInspect full 3D CAD software enables users to import native models from Catia, Siemens NX, Creo (Pro Engineer), Unigraphics, Solidworks and many more. The 3D cad model can be used as a nominal based definition and measurements can then be compared directly to the native model. The powerful surface inspection module enables the inspection of freeform surfaces and the rapid creation of deviation colourmaps.

DOCS tube inspection software is a custom solution designed specifically around tube manufacture. Forked tube probes rapidly sweep over the pipe sections and produce an inspection report in XYZ co-ordinates or in LRAs – length, rotation and angles.

3D Printers

Europac supply ProJet® 3D printers from 3DSystems, offering a fast, affordable and 3D printing solutions in a range of materials including plastics, wax and ceramic. The 3DSystems range are the fastest commercially available 3D printers, are easy to use (they require only a minimal amount of training due to their intuitive design) and the machines with the lowest operating cost (only one-fifth of the running cost of other 3D printing technologies).

3DSystems 3D printers are ideal for concept model visualisation during the design process. 3D models can be produced at a minimum cost and can be built extremely quickly, allowing for the creation of full size models that enable the user to full appreciate the design concept. The ProJet® x60 range of ceramic printers are widely used in architecture, entertainment and arts, industrial and educational environments, while the ProJet® 3500 Series plastic and wax material printers are ideal for professional prototyping, wax casting and dental production. Build material is non-hazardous and environmentally-friendly, and printers feature noise-suppression for a quiter working environment.

3D Probing and Inspection Service

As well as the sale of hardware, we use our experience within the field of metrology to offer a full 3D probing & inspection service. EuroPac3D’s focus in portable metrology means that onsite measurement at your premises is a speciality, while at our base in Crewe, there is a fully air conditioned lab to perform high accuracy measurement services. In addition, we offer a full repair and calibration service of portable arms from our lab.

The broad range of 3D scanners at our disposal allows for our engineers to select the best hardware for your reverse engineering/digitising requirements. Our full service includes point cloud capture, STL triangular surface mesh creation, through to parametric CAD creation for product manufacture. Rapid prototyping and concept models can also be printed from our 3dSystems plastic, wax and ceramic 3D printers.

If you would like any further information about any our products and services or if you would like to see a demonstration of our next-generation equipment please get in touch 01270 216000.